No you around!!!!

20. května 2009 v 14:35 | Fanynka 1. |  Good fellas - texty
*NO YOU AROUND (Edai/Gonzales)

I'm whistlin' under water when you gotta go
Sometimes I wish
To turn the lights off and deeply swallow
Deeply swallow, deeply swallow, time's wastin' babe
Breath once to put all the troubles away *LET ME DECIDE (Gonzales/Jamie)
Let me decide
Out of a can let me climb
Tempest, flying circus, thunderstorm outside
Stand in stead and let me take my part
Let me decide
Cloud number nine is what I deserve for all the lost time

I am to bear the sky
I am to choose your faith
Up the hill the wind blows strong
Don´t get wrong on your way
Let me out
Stop the Hydra creature eating me alive
Don´t make me bear the sky

Don´t make me choose your faith
Don´t make me clean your hands
Don´t make me save your ass
Let me free...

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